Saturday, 30 April 2016

Talking Tech for April 26 2016

New Gadget for Me: Heart Beat Monitor


Wanted something more direct to check my heart beat rather than using the Apple watch.

Microsoft Office 2016 Accessibility Comments


Just started using Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Outlook in particular for the Mac and it is amazing what Microsoft has done for accessibility.


In some ways, finding using Outlook on the Mac a nicer experience than using Outlook in Windows.


Netflix Agrees to Offer More Audio Description on More Titles


Good to see a soon increase in audio described content from Netflix. 

AFB AccessWorld for April 2016


CSUN 2016 update, and an interview from me. 

NVAccess Releases Official Training Material for NVDA


Cost is $33.00 but you can get sample chapters to try it out from the webpage.


I really do find all these different ways of using specific screen reading commands to read a bit overwhelming, most of the time I just use the standard keys for navigation and don’t get to caught up in screen reading navigation except for webpages. 

Audible's Channels offer short audio programs for members


These are free books that you can listen to across a whole range of categories.  You will find the channel tab at the bottom of the app screen with the other tabs. 

How To Get Your eBook to Read (iBook or Kindle) When your iPhone Screen is Locked


This is a nifty feature of getting iOS to speak and scroll the screen in an iBook or Kindle book and have your iOS device locked at the same time.  Simply use Speak Screen in Settings, General, Accessibility, Speech: once the screen/book is reading, lock your screen.  My demo link follows. 


  1. Thanks for the speak screen demo. I can't get it to work. When it starts VoiceOver also starts reading at the same time.When I lock the screen when it reaches the bottom of the screen it just stops, and doesn't scroll. I am running the most recent iOS 9.3.1. Thanks for any suggestions to get this working.

  2. Thank you, your blog is very helpful.

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