Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Talking Tech for April 12 2016

Google Releases App To Test Accessibility


When I was talking about CSUN last week, I didn’t get to mention the Accessibility Scanner from Google to test app accessibility.



In Other Google News: BETA of Voice Access


Control your Android device via your voice: navigate, activate items on screen, and dictate.



Access World for March 2016


Two articles of interest that caught my attention: ATIA conference highlights, and NvDA Remote overview.


In particular from ATIA: The I.D. Mate Bar Code Scanner, and the Orcam makes another appearance.



For Star Wars Fans


Star Wars: the Force Awakens is now available in iTunes with audio description.


Caption Bot AI from Microsoft To Describe Any Image



Microsoft Cognitive Services Seeing AI app



Night Shift Mode


Help you sleep better.  In iOS 9.3 it is referred to as Night Shift, and in Fire OS 5 Amazon has named it Blue Shade.



How to Get Access to Free Radio Dramas on the Internet



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