Monday, 18 May 2015

Talking Tech for May 19 2015

Accessing a number of VA services: did you know?

Including - the AT help desk, Vision Australia library I-Access, digital access, Vision Australia radio, Equipment Solutions, purchasable technology training programs, highlighting a number of products from the Equipment Solutions shop at Vision Australia, and some mobile phone suggestions other than the traditional smart phones on the market for those that just want a simple mobile phone solution.


AT Help Desk


You can contact the VA Help Desk on 1300 847 466 (ask for the Adaptive Technology Help Desk) or email  Any question welcome from anyone on technology related queries for blind or low vision access.


Equipment Solutions Shop


Equipment solutions shops at Vision Australia can be contacted on 1300 847 466 and you can be directed to your local main shops in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.  Remember that most VA branch’s have an equipment display where you can mail order products or buy online at: 


Vision Australia I-Access online daisy service


The online Vision Australia I-Access service can be found on the web at:


http://i-accessonline.visionaustralia.orgYou will need a VA library member number and pin to use the service.  You can sign up to the service by contacting the VA library on:

1300 645656.


The I-Access service can be accessed on desktop and mobile operating systems and daisy players are also available for both.

In addition, the daisy 3g player is great for those who just want to receive there content automatically and don’t want to muck about with desktop or mobile devices.


Vision Australia Digital Access:


Specialising in web accessibility assessment and development.  Email them at webpage:

or phone:

1300 367055.


go to the main webpage for VA digital access at:


Vision Australia radio:


Vision Australia radio can be listen to live at:


Melbourne training material to purchase from VA: 



Remember that shows like Talking Tech and Talking Vision can be accessed as podcasts as can other shows that are aired on Vision Australia radio.


Visit the Vision Australia main radio page at:

Training material available to purchase from Vision Australia (including the online shop):


Operate a personal computer course: Zoomtext.

Operate a personal computer course: NVDA.

Operate a personal computer: JaWS.

Operate a personal computer course: Magic.

Operate a personal computer course: wwin7 mag.

Introduction to the Internet: keystrokes.

Introduction to Internet: JaWS.

Introduction to the Internet: NVDA.

Producing simple Word process docs: JaWS.

Producing simple word process docs: keystrokes.

Using email with Live Mail and keystrokes.

Introduction to spreadsheets: keystrokes.

Introduction to spreadsheets: JAWS.

Using iPhone 5 with iOS 6 accessibility features.


All these course can be found at:


Some useful tech style products from Equipment Solutions which you may find useful:


Visionkeys big bold keyboard stickers: black/white or white/black/white $10.

EZ See large print keyboards: $39.90.

 10 second voice recorder: $10 (low stock).

Aftershokz bone conduction head phones: 

$99.90 (low stock).

Learning jumbo universal remote control: $34.00.

Loc Dots 6 pack: $6.00.


The VA Adaptive Technology Help Desk often gets asked about mobile phones other than the smart phones on the market.  Not in the VA Equipment Solutions shop, but there are two 3d printable phones that people can access: either the Ownfone or the KISA phone.





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