Sunday, 3 May 2015

Talking Tech for April 27 and May 5 2015

Slipping behind in getting the stories up on the site, so am doing last week and this week, and will be back on the ball next week.


Talking Tech for April 27 2015


My experiences with using Netflix and audio description:


Have had a great deal of fun watching/listening to Marvel’s Daredevil and listening to other shows on Netflix.


My several days experience using the Apple watch:


Got my Apple watch last Friday, and just a few notes on its use so far.


What your Apple watch can do by itself (not connected to the iPhone): 

The FM radio in your pocket and why you can’t use it: 

How to add the beep sounds like on iOS when plugging your Macbook in to power: 


How a high tech home can make it easier for people with disabilities:



How to disable the eye-sight camera on your Mac: 


Talking tech for May 5 2015


Catch up on my podcasts for the year


Just a quick run down of the 16 demos I’ve completed this year so far (excluding  the 30 or so I just completed for the Apple watch).

The podcasts can be found at:


A demo of the Apple watch itself


Netflix on the Apple TV,


Netflix and the ABC iView app with audio description,


Text to speech copy of my blog article: first play with the Apple watch


Speculation demo of bringing together the iPod nano touch screen with the click wheel from the older nano.


Demo of getting the Mac system clock to speech quarter, half or on the hour


Printing to a PDF file on the Mac


Demo of the initial release of the Apple watch companion app


Demo of how to restore the Apple tv from the Mac


Demo of where to enable VoiceOver at the Login screen in OS X


Demo of how to password protect a folder in OS X


Demo of where to access family content in OS X, iOS and the Apple tv


Demo of playing back voice messages in OS X Yosemite


Demo of the Apple Remote iOS app with the Apple tv


Demo of Quicktime player on OS X to record the iPhone screen


Demo of the Trackpad commander in OS X to access the status line


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