Monday, 1 December 2014

Talking TEch for Dec 2 2014

Talking Tech for November 25 2014



Serotek Loses Another Staff Member


Jamie Pauls (the sixth person) has also resigned from Serotek last week.


Guess we will just have to wait and see what impact this has upon their services. 



International Day for Persons with a Disability


The International Day for Persons With a Disability is on the 3rd d of December 2014 the main focus of which is   the development of sustainable technology.


Just have a think about how many main stream products and now becoming more and more accessible (such as Apple, Android, and Microsoft), and what you can do to encourage the continuing development of current and future products.


Family Sharing from Apple on iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite


Family sharing is across iOS and OS X allowing you to share music, apps, movies, TV shows, and Books.


All of this content can therefore be shared between iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV or Mac.


You can setup family sharing up to 6 people in iCloud on both iOS and Mac.


You will find the family purchased items under purchased in the Apps, iBooks and iTunes Store: For the Apple TV, look under shared in the Movies or TV shows tab.


In addition family members also get access to shared reminders, Calendar, and photos.


An indirect way of giving someone a great christmas present in your family.


However, please be aware that purchases made by family members will get build back to the main organisers credit card.  If a family member has iTunes gift card credit, this will be used first, except if they are the organiser in which case it will be ignored as it is seen as personal credit.


For more info on family sharing go to:



Finger Key ADDS Touch ID to your Mac


This nifty application that you run both on your iPhone and Mac, allows you to unlock your Mac by using touch id from your iPhone, and works well with Voiceover on both iOS and OS X.


Mac app 


iOS app

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