Monday, 15 December 2014

Talking Tech for DEc 16 2014

How To Use A DVD etc ON A Mac without A DVD Drive - from How To Geek


These days lots of computers come without a DVD drive, this article explains how you can still do this. 

Liquid Metals Help The Blind See Tech 


A prototype of a possible tactile or Braille display device using electric Magnets in a Ferro solution. 

CAVI CAST: prototype of remote control for NvDA


Only a prototype at the moment to enable remote support using NVDA.  Funding sources need to be found to bring the project to completion.


The following link will play an mp3 file of the CAVI podcast. 

Access World for December 2014


main article that caught my attention was the MountBatten Brailler, good to see it getting a mention again: fantastic tool for students and teachers.


Remember you can also get the MBCom iOS or Android app for the Mountbatten as well.


Just another quick note, you can get the AccessWorld app for reading this and other articles or back issues. 

Freedom Scientific Releases 90 day Trial License of JaWS For Windows


This allows developers or anyone else to buy a licensed version of JaWS for Windows, and the 90 day trial will go towards the total cost of a full license: further 90 day licenses can be purchased. 

Best Bluetooth Speakers for 2014


A great run down of available Bluetooth speakers for less than $50, $100 to $300 range, and $300 and above.

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