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Talking Tech for November 18 2014

Talking Tech for Nov 18 2014


More Yosemite Podcasts from me:


Changing your Login iCloud to use your iCloud (AppleID) Password,

Setting up SMS Text forwarding from iPhone to Mac,

New browsing mode in Safari,

Voice dictation and voice commands, and

Using iBooks, and

Sending a voice mail message with Messages.



In Apple news: from OS X Daily


OS X 10.10.1 is released:


Mainly wifi and email fix’s. 8.1.1 is also released:


iOS 8.1.1 released 


Main notes were in relation to making iOS 8 more stable on iPhone 4s and iPad 2. on the iOS 8.1.1 update from Applevis:


iOS 8.1.1 Accessibility Updates from Applevis 

iOS8.1.1 is now available to go get if you are running iOS8. One of the very welcome fixes is the automatic announcement of who is calling again while the phone is ringing. Siri is fixed and acts correctly now

AccessWorld for November 2014


A review of the KNFB Reader app (which quite impressed the reviewer), for iOS,a review of several mobile connected  health devices (most of which are not accessible), and making music with the Beamz: a great tool for fun and education.



Google to Test Fly Balloons which transmit wi-fi over Western QLD: from the Guardian


This is  just very cool indeed.  These balloons fly at twice the hight of a jet and stay up for 100 days.  Testing will be done by Google in conjunction with Telstra for the test trial.  This type of thing would be of great benefit in covering disaster sites etc.  From the same Google lab that has brought  us Google glass’s, and the Google driving car.


Article from the Guardian from SMH

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