Monday, 10 November 2014

Talking Tech for November 11 2014

Talking tech for November 11 2014


A bit of a mixed bag this week.


Podcasts from me


I’ve started producing a number of podcasts on Yosemite (OS X 10.10).  At this time they include making calls from your Mac via iPhone, answering calls on your Mac via iPhone, Hand Off between iPhone and Mac, Notifications Centre, iBooks, and toggling adjustment volume sound.

Have posted 4 of these so far to my podcast blog at: 

iOS app: Tap To Share


When doing my demo of Notifications Centre and Tweeting about what I was doing a demo on, a person on Twitter commented that it would be nice to be able to tweet from Notifications Centre on iOS, not just in Yosemite as was previously available.  A person commented with the Tap To Share app which puts a widget in the Notifications Centre to post to Facebook and twitter.


Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel more accessible on iOS with VoiceOver


Earlier this week Applevis tweeted that  Word and Excel were now more accessible on iOS with VoiceOver.  I’ve briefly tried Word, and whilst it is better, spell checking still seems to be an issue: i.e. Pages much better for this.


Microsoft Word: Applevis 

Microsoft Excel: Applevis: 

How to Migrate files to iCloud from Dropbox andWhy you may Want to Wait: from iMore


By the looks of this article, Dropbox or another general cloud drive service is still better than iCloud. 


How to Prevent iTunes from Syncing Automatically with your iPhone: from iBlog


This article is handy if you don’t want iTunes always connecting when you plug your iPhone in.

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