Monday, 24 March 2014

talking Tech for March 25 2014

CSUN 2014 Useful Links for Finding more info/demos


The Great Big List from  CSUN 2014


Blind Bargains Audio demos from CSUN 2014


Serotalk Audio Demos from CSUN 2014


5 Products of note from CSUN 2014 So FAR


Genda (talking calendar/reminder) from LS&S - Discussed in Serotalk CSUN Special 4


Doesn’t seem to be available on their product page yet.


eBot from HIMS-Inc - Wireless Video/OCR for PC/Mac/Tablet


eBot product page from HIMS-Inc


Demo presentation of eBot from CSUN 2014 - Discussed in Serotalk CSUN Special on the eBot

Blaze EZ - daisy reader and OCR from HIMS-Inc - From Blind Bargains 


Out in winter Aussie time.


Blind Bargains page for demo of the Blaze from CSUN 2014


Eloquence on Android from Code Factory - Blind Bargains


Demo of Eloquence from Code Factory - not yet released


Enhancing SharePoint for screen Reader Users from Discovery Technologies - Discussed in Serotalk CSUN Special


Movements in the Apple Product Line


The iPad 2 has ben replaced with the iPad Retina (iPad 4) with wifi 16GB $449 wifi/LTE  $598.  Base iPad air 16GB wifi $598 or wifi/LTE $749.

That leaves the iPad mini with Retina at wifi $479 or wifi/LET at $629, and the iPad mini 16gb at $349..


There is now an iPhone 5c 8GB model for $679, with the 16GB at $739, and 32GB at $869.  The base model of the iPhone 5s 16GB model is $$869.


Audio link for Talking Tech for March 25 2014

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