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Talking Tech for March 11 2014

iOS 7.1 and Apple TV 6.1 now available 

iOS 7.1 is now available for download via Over-the-Air Update and iTunes.


Some of the new and improved features in iOS 7.1 (see the full list on the AppleVis blog) include:


New Accessibility Features in iOS 7.1:


1. A new Accessibility option that turns on "Button Shapes". This is intended to make buttons easier to distinguish from other text on the screen (such as icon labels).

2. The increase contrast setting now contains three options rather than being a single Toggle. This should make it easier for low-vision users to fine-tune the settings to something that best suits their personal circumstances. The 3 options are:


A. Reduce Transparency.

B. Darken Colours.


C. Reduce White Point.


3. The Bold Text setting now thickens icons as well as text on iOS labels.

4. There are new wallpapers which low-vision users may find it easier for them to see text and images.


Accessibility Improvements in iOS 7.1:


1. The quality of the Vocalizer compact voices for United States English, British English, Australian English, and several other languages has been improved.  While not directly related to accessibility, new Siri voices (with gender options) are available for U.K. English, Australian English and some other languages.

2. VoiceOver no longer repeats the locked screen announcement.

3. While adjusting the volume using the volume buttons with the screen locked, VoiceOver no longer says "screen locked" after the adjustment is made.

4. VoiceOver volume can now be adjusted above 35% using the rotor on all devices.

5. When you have just installed an app update, VoiceOver will now announce ‘Recently Updated’ right after the app’s name when you put VoiceOver focus on to its icon on the Home screen.

6. VoiceOver no longer announces every time slot when swiping through the day’s calendar in the Notifications Center. Now, it will only announce any scheduled events.


7. Pressing the control key on a Bluetooth keyboard now works as intended and stops VoiceOver from speaking.


8. When Siri asks a question that requires a response, speech now usually finishes before the microphone is activated for your answer.

Here is the link to the blog entry on AppleVis:

Solo-DX closes for business

The company that produced the audio description files for a number of movies and TV shows has now closed for business, but the audio description tracks will remain available in iTunes for the near future.


How to make a Genius Bar appointment from your iOS device - from iMore


Will be actually doing this myself this week, so thought I would pop it in here as I found it much easier to book an appointment using the iOS app than I did actually using Apple’s  website.


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