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Common iOS and Android apps plus my Favorate iOS apps

Common apps between iOs and Android


Most of the apps that are listed here I mainly use on my iOS device (iPhone or iPad).  I can’t vouch for their accessibility 100 percent on Android, particularly for the main stream apps).


I have also included apps that work with the hardware that I use in my smart home such as those for my Ring Video Doorbell, Samsung Smart TV or Powerbot Vacuum Cleaner, Google Home, Sensibo for use with the Air Conditioner.  


One other app that I have included for the hardware that I use is the Coffee Link app for my De’Longhi Primmadonna Touch coffee machine. Oddly the iOS version is less accessible than the Android version mainly in accessing the popup Windows that come from the machine (eg out of water etc), can still use the app to select your coffee.


Another app which deserves a note due to its lack of accessibility on iOS, and a bit on Android, is the Sensibo app for the Air Conditioner.  There messy to use with a screen reader on iOS or Android, the Mode, Temp or Fan speed can’t be changed on iOS, not sure about Android.  So what I do with this is I only use the app to turn the Air Con on or off and check its temperature reading for the room, then to change the Mode etc, I go and use the website which then allows me access.


Where its not obvious what the apps listed are for, I’ve put a few descriptive words after the name.


At the end of the common apps for iOS and Android, I have a list of the iOS apps that I use all the time and thus are my favourite.


List Of Common Android and iOS Apps


ABC iView (ABC online streaming)


ABC Listen (ABC Radio stations)


Aira (for the Aira service either via phone camera or purchased smart glasses)


Amazon Alexa (for use with the Amazon Echo hardware and giving access to use Amazon’s digital assistant)


Amazon Music


Amazon Prime Video


Audio Game Hub (various self voicing games)


Audible (for use with Audible books - nice thing about Android version can buy within app)


Chrome (web browser from Google)


Coffee Link (for use with the De’Longhi Primmadonna Touch Coffee machine) 






Fitbit (for use with the Fitbit bands - I use this with my Fitbit Charge 2)


Google Assistant (Google’s digital assistant)


Google Home (for use with the Google Home smart speaker hardware)


Google maps


Google News


Google Play Music


Kindle (Kindle eBooks)


KNFB Reader (OCR specific blindness related app))


Lazarillo GPS (specific blindness related GPS app)


Lifx (for use with LIfx smart globes)


MbMimic (for use with the Mount Batten Brailler)


Microsoft Cortana (Microsoft’s digital assistant)


Music Healing (relaxing music app)


My Tuner Radio (various online radio stations)


O6 (for use with the O6 remote controller for iOS/Android - iOS version works well with VoiceOver, can’t comment on Android/Talkback)




Pocket Cast (pod catcher)


Ring Always Home (for use with the Ring Video Doorbell)


Sensibo (for use with the Sensibo device to allow Air Conditioner access that use a physical remote control)


Smart Things (for use with Samsung Devices such as the Power Bot vacuum cleaner or the accessible Smart TV)


Spotify Music


Sunu App (for use with the Sunu Band orientation & Mobility device))


Seeing Assistant Home Lite (contains light detecter, colour identifier etc)




Text Grabber (OCR)


Tile (for use with the Tile Tag tracking system)




Vision Australia Connect (for the VA Library)




Zoom (web meetings etc)


Default eBook readers for iOs and Android:

Books for iOS, and

Play Books for Android.


App Stores:

App Store, iBooks Store, and iTunes Store for iOS, and

Play Store for all for Android.


My favourite iOS apps


Before I give you my favourite iOS apps, there is one more bit of hardware that I wanted to include here as whilst it has a general app for both Android and iOS, the developer have only written a separate specific application for the use of the VoiceOver screen reader for iOS.  This is the Tap With Us wearable keyboard and the accessible app is Tap Aloud (Tap Manager is the general app for the iOS/Android versions for the Tap Keyboard).


Oh and just for the record, my most used digital assistant is still Siri whether its on my Apple Watch, HomePod, iPhone/iPad, Apple TV or Mac.


My Favourite iOS Apps


These are the ones that I at least use all the time and some do not have Android versions.  Just remember what I wrote above for the Coffee Link and Sensibo apps.


ABC Listen




Amazon Alexa (mainly for controlling the Amazon Echos around the house)


Apple Store (purchasing from Apple Store online mainly seems to be for cables these days smile)




Books (Apple Books but I still like to use the term iBooks)


Coffee Link




Eyes Free Fitness (specific exercise routines for the blind - really really excellent app for keeping healthy)


Find My iPhone (for finding all of my Apple devices - just wish Apple would change the name to Find My Devices)


Find My Friends (keep track of family and friends)


FlickType (pattern typing recognition keyboard)


Google Home


Home (control my Apple Home Kit devices)


Just Press Record (excellent recording app for iOS, Apple Watch, and the Mac)




News (as in Apple News)




O6 (for use with the O6 device)


Outlook (as in Microsoft Outlook)


Overcast (pod catcher)


Smart Things (mainly with the Samsung Powerbot vacuum cleaner)




Seeing AI (short/log text OCR, bar code reader, light detecter, currency id etc from Microsoft)


Sound Scape (3d Audio GPS app for the blind from Microsoft)


Sunu App


Tap Aloud (for the accessible version of the wearable keyboard app)


Tile (Tile Tag tracking system)


Trash Day (reminds me when to take out the garbage)


Tripview Sydney (bus and trains also has a Melbourne version)


TWIT TV (for the TWiT TV network)




TV (for watching my iTunes movies, TV shows etc from Apple)


Watch (the Apple Watch app)


Water Reminder (keep track of your water intake for the day and get reminders)


Weather Gods (excellent weather app with a lot of attention to accessibility for VoiceOver users)



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