Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Playing Around with the Google Home

These are a few of the things I do with my Google Home, Google Home Mini, Chromecast Audio, Chromecast, and other devices that I have used over the years and continue to use.


1. Using multiple timers on Google Home/Mini.

2. Checking the weather.

3. Playing music on Google H/M and Chromcast audio devices organised in to groups around the house.

4. Watching shows from Netflix on Chromecast.

5. Broadcasting on Google H/M or via the Google Assistant app when out and about or at home to all Google H/M speakers.

6. Controlling the air conditioner via Sensibo hardware via Google H/M.

7. Controlling the Samsung Powerbot Vacuum cleaner via Google H/M.

8. Reading (listening) to audio books from Play Store.

9. Listening to podcasts such as Talking Tech from Vision Australia..

10. Listening to Radio such as Vision Australia Radio Melbourne.

11. Asking for next bus or train on Google H/M.

12. Using the Google H/M as a Bleutooth speaker from my iPhone.

13. Using the Google H/m to play to a Bluetooth speaker.

14. Switching lamps on or off via WeMo switch using Google H/M.


Overall, I still find the Google Home easier to use with the touch surface than I do with trying to tap on the correct spot on either side of the Google Home Mini.


As I did with the HomePod, I will be adding all my Google Home demos that I have done up to this point at:


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