Sunday, 29 January 2017

Talking Tech for Jan 24 2017: late post

Certificate Fix for Zoomtext Products

The digital certificate used to certify newer ZoomText and Window-Eyes software products has been compromised. As a result, our certificate will be revoked on or around January 26th, which will result in startup failures for the following Ai Squared products.

Affected Ai Squared Software Products

When attempting to start the following Ai Squared software products, the product will fail to launch and display a Windows error message: “A referral was returned from the server”

  • ZoomText Magnifier – Build numbers 10.10.8 through 10.11.6
  • ZoomText Magnifier/Reader v10.1 – Build numbers 10.10.8 through 10.11.6
  • ZoomText Fusion v10.1 – Build numbers 10.11.1 through 10.11.5
  • ZoomText Keyboard v4 – Build numbers 4.0.0 and 4.1.0
  • Window-Eyes v9.5 – Build numbers 9.5.1 and 9.5.3

When attempting to start the following Ai Squared software products, the product may launch even though the certificate has been revoked. Anti-virus utilities may detect the invalid certificate and block the software from running.

  • ZoomText ImageReader v1.2 – Build numbers 1.2.16106
  • ZoomText Voices (language packs) v1.0 – Build numbers
  • Vocalizer Expressive v1.3 (for Window-Eyes) – Build numbers

Note: Inspection of the certificate will show that the certificate is invalid. Inspection and validation of certificates is a process performed by some organizations.

Solution (software updates)

For each of the affected products, software updates incorporating a new digital signature will be released and available for download prior to January 26th. These updates will be available using the Check for Updates wizard where available or by download :



Problems with me Blogging


Mars Edit that I use on then Mac doesn’t work well with VoiceOver, hence these straight text posts for Talking Tech.   Hopefully trying to resolve this in the next few weeks.


Public beta of Dictation Bridge Now Available 

AccessWorld for Jan 2017


Articles: braille, VizLens and HALOS (Home Appliance Label and Overlay System).  Really excited to see the development of Vizlens which allows the use of an iOS device to access a touch screen system. 

iOS KNFB Raeder Tip


You can use the volume buttons to snap a picture with the KnFB Reader rather than using the on-screen button.


How to Get Siri to Read an Article Out Loud on iPhone or iPad


Siri can read any screen of your iPhone with the Speak screen command if this is turned on in Settings, General, Accessibility, Speech, Speak Screen.  Note - this doesn’t work on the Home screens. 


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