Monday, 13 June 2016

Talking Tech for June 14 2016

Here are my quick notes for The Apple WWDC 2016.  I have included a link after each section that will take you to the Apple preview page for that section.


A surprise at the end of this post regarding some audio described content.


Watch V3

Faster launching, of apps.

Faster accessing of recently used apps.

Faster replying.

new activity clock face and Numerals clock face.

easy clock face switching.

Making it easier to call emergency services internationally.

Enhancements to the Activity and workout apps.

Activity and workout apps now for  wheel chair users: rolls rather than steps.

New Breathing app.




Updated Remote app for Apple tv including Siri support.

Searching by topics with Siri.

Dark mode on the Apple tv.

When downloading an app on iOS, will now download on Apple tv.

Single sign on for multiple subscription services. 




OS X changed to Mac OS.

New version of Mac OS Sierra.

Better continuity including auto unlock from Apple watch, universal clipboard between iOS/Os X., and desktop icons now available on other Macs.

Optimising storage.

Apple pay brought to safari on the web securing via the iPhone touch ID..

Siri will now be on the Mac: search files, search the web, sending messages, finding movies etc.


iOS 10


Better notifications on lock screen with 3d touch.

Siri - better functionality and opening up Siri to developers. 

Keyboarding - beter predictive text functionality.

Enhancements to [Photos, and Maps.

Redesigned News, and Music apps. 

Home Kit now has its own app: Home.

Phone - voice transcriptions of voice mails.  VOIP integration to recents and favourites, lock screen etc. 

Messages -  Emoji   suggestions  from words you type. Richer links.  Faster responses to messages. Opening up Messages to developers.


Swift Playgrounds for iPad


Learn to code with this new app on iPad: will be VoiceOver accessible.


Availability of the New Updates

All previews of TV OS, Mac OS, watch OS and iOS available for developers from today with full 

release this Fall in the US (Spring in Australia).


Watch the Apple Keynote from Apple’s Event page

Apple Leading the Way Again in Making Two of Their Promo Movies Audio Described

I think this may be a first for any mainstream company: have a listen to the iOS 10 intro, and how  developers got in to coding.  Will ned to play these through Safari on iOs or Safari on Mac.

iOS 10 Intro


Watch the film


How Developers Got in to Coding

        Watch the film about how developers got their start.       


NV-Access Announces the next Update of NVDA 16.02.


One of the great outstanding features with this update is the announcement of a mis-spelled word when typing.

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