Monday, 7 September 2015

Talking Tech for September 8 2015

FSCast 113 - What Is New in JAWS 17 preview Part 1


Public beta after the 10th of September with release with the end of October.

Language localisations will be faster.

Continue improvements with Windows 10.

Web smart navigation: recommended to try out smart Navigation with Semi-Forms mode..

FS has added the ability to script webpages.

Under the hood improvements to Braille with the addition of another Braille translation library: Liblouis: the US to start using UEB In January 2016.


FSCast 114 - What is new in JAWS 17 preview part 2 should be coming out in the week of the 7th of September 2015. 


Apple’s Keynote for September 9 to be Streamed on Windows (10) for the First Time


If you have Windows 10, you’ll be able to stream Apple’s Keynote for the first time using Windows: before only able to be streamed on iOS, OS X or the Apple TV.


Australian EST will be 3AM on Thursday the 10th.


Some of the announcements perhaps to include:

New iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.

iOS 9.

Watch OS 2.

New colour watch bands.

New iPad pro.

New Apple TV.


Regardless of how your listening to it, use the following link to go to the event page:


An Interview About the RealSam from RealThing


This week in Talking Tech, we have Nick Chaperon from RealThing to talk to us about the RealSam media player.


The questions covered in the interview concerning the RealSam portable Newspaper, RSS player, eBook reader, and podcast player included:


What does the company RealThing do?

What is the objective or goal of the RealSAM as a device for the customer?

Describe it physically.

Explain the functionality and range of content.

What do people tell you about what it means for them?

Explain availability and cost.

How is it upgraded.

What is the help desk or ongoing support for the customer?

How does someone with an interest take the next step?


A demo of RealSam can be found on Youtube at:

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