Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Talking Tech for July 28 2015

Dreaming of Streaming reminder


Quick reminder of Dreaming   of Streaming happening this Wednesday the 29th at 7:30PM EST.





Applevis Celebrates its 5th birthday with a week long celebration of give aways


Applevis 5th Birthday celebrations.




Twenty Fifth Birthday of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA): from CNN




Apple Celebrates 25 years of the American’s with Disabilities Act with Accessibility app list


From the iTunes page: For more than 20 years, Apple has provided innovative solutions for people with disabilities. Built into iOS, VoiceOver is the world’s first gesture-based screen reader, allowing people who are blind or have low vision to enjoy the touchscreen simplicity of iPhone and iPad. Using VoiceOver, you can interact with objects on the screen and intuitively gauge their location and context from audio cues. These popular apps deliver a great VoiceOver experience for all users.




Apple launch’s page to highlight apps that take advantage of iOS VoiceOver


From the iTunes page: We’re proud to have an App Store full of tools that improve lives. Using the Accessibility features on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, these apps help with everything from routine tasks to communication and language skills.




Some of the Biggest tech company’s want more  app Makers to Consider accessibility a Bigger Priority: from the Virge




Apple releases new iPod nano, shuffle, and iPod touch -blog from Applevis


A blog post on the new Apple iPod nano, shuffle and iPod touch updates from Applevis.





ABC Drama: Glitch: running on ABC iView with Audio Description


Just a reminder that the ABC iView Audio Description trial is still going on and if you like a show with a bit of a twist of people coming back to life after climbing out of their graves, then this great 6 part series is for you.




Podcast highlights


Another new section where (again) every two weeks we will be highlighting from various adaptive technology (and perhaps main stream) podcasts, interviews or demos of particular interest to our listeners.


Here are a few to kick us off.


ACB Main Menu

Accessing Windows 10 with the newly released JAWS 16.3048.



An introduction to apple music 1 July

A taste of what you can ask Siri to do with Apple music 9 July.


Blind Bargains Audio featuring the BBCast


Always has good general and blind or low vision related news items on the BBCast plus audio interviews and demos from conferences such as the recent Sight Village conference in the UK, and the NFB and ACB conventions in the US.

eg Sight village auto demos over 12 interviews, BBCast 23 conversation of the NfB and ACB conventions, a number of demos from NFB and ACB etc.




Freedom Scientific excellent podcast on what is going on with FS products.

eg: FSCast 111 post convention round up for NFB and ACB, and a jam I discovered, a two part interview with Ted Henter the Father of JaWS 104/104, and 100 a discussion of Leasy.



July AccessWorld


Evaluation of the Leasey

Running Galaxy Talkback on the Galaxy s6



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