Tuesday, 14 April 2015

ABC iView Audio Description trial and Netflix Audio Description availability

This week Audio Description became available on the aBC iView app in Australia on iOs as part of a 15 month trial.  Android, web, and TV support to becoming soon according to the ABC.

To access Audio Description: access main menu, Programs A-Z, Show Audio Description Programs, choose program, and select the Play Audio Description button.


Netflix also announced this week that they are providing Audio Description on specific content: such as the series Marvels Daredevil.  At this time I have been able to access it on the Netflix iOS app, but not the Apple TV (see update below - success smile), and I’ve not yet tried the Android app.  To start accessing Audio Description on Netflix (use show as an example above): once you are at the Play video screen, select the Language options button, and choose Audio Described track.


I have done an audio demo of using both the ABC iView and the Netflix app on my iPhone, link follows:




I was able to successfully get Audio Description running on the Apple TV with Netflix, the issue was only a matter of logging out and back in again to Netflix on the Apple TV, so here is the other demo of using Netflix on the Apple TV as well with Audio Description with Marvel’s Daredevil:




Happy listening.

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