Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Talking Tech for 21 October 2014

Apple News


In the Apple event last week,Apple Announced iPad 2 air, iPad mini 3, iMac 5k, OS X Yosemite release, iOS 8.1 to be available as Oct 21 in Australia (today) which includes Apple pay (for US only) and other bug fixes and improvements.


Will go more in to the Apple announcements in next weeks show.


Apple and Android Apps Highlighted at Vision Australia Texpo 2014


At the recently held Vision Australia Texpos held in Sydney and Melbourne, the App Fantastic workshop highlighted a number of Apple and Android apps for use by people who are blind or or have low vision.


The apps that were highlighted have been put up on the Vision Australia Adaptive Technology Blog page which can be accessed with the following links for both Apple and Android:


Android Highlighted Apps



Apple Highlighted Apps



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