Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Talking Tech for August 20th 2013

With VA Texpo coming up, just a reminder of the different categories of main stream and assistive technology


The Vision Australia Texpo website is:




Accessibility in main stream desktop OS - Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.


Accessible games for PC's, and Phones/tablets - 


Accessible information services.


Bar code scanners, money identifiers, and labellers - Phone/Tablet or standalone.


Braille notetakers, Braille displays, Braille embossers, and Braille translation.


Daisy players, and Digital recorders.


Digital set top boxes, and Talking TVS.


Feature phones, Smart phones, and tablets.


GPS - Phones/tablets, Notetaker based, and stand alone.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - PC, and stand alone.


Orientation and Mobility ((O&M).


Screen magnification for PC's.


Screen Readers for PC's.


Text to speech software.


Voice recognition for PC's.


Video magnifiers (CCTV) - portable and desktop.




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